Pre-validation interoperability testing software fits 3G networks -

Pre-validation interoperability testing software fits 3G networks


Anritsu's Network Simulation Library (NSL) for its MD8480B signaling tester lets developers and manufacturers of W-CDMA 3G user equipment efficiently pre-validate interoperability testing between 3G equipment and the world's various 3G networks. The NSL increases the MD8480B's analysis capability to include voice, packet, video call, short messaging service (SMS), and multicall services.

The NSL's ability to simulate virtually any mobile base station is critical to 3G equipment makers developing international devices that must be compatible with different 3G networks throughout the world. It's available with various test scenarios that provide versatility to fit any test requirement. In addition to being based on actual operational experiences, the NSL test scenarios comply with the most recent 3GPP specifications.

Using the Windows-based tool, a suite of test cases can be selected with one click, and the test case categories are displayed in a familiar tree view, allowing for fast test case execution. Test case contents and progress can be monitored through sub-windows, while UE operating procedures are displayed in pop-up windows. The NSL is available now with prices starting at $48,190 for the NSL Platform and basic test scenarios. The MD8480B base price is $107,085. More information is available at

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