Precision flow sensor targets respiratory devices -

Precision flow sensor targets respiratory devices


As the global demand for ventilators and related components continues to increase due to a shortage of ventilators needed to treat COVID-19 patients, Sensirion has developed a new flow sensor, the SFM3019, for respiratory devices. Available in high-volume production, the new sensor makes it easy to integrate into ventilators due to its high scalability.

Like other Sensirion sensors designed for medical applications, the SFM3019 flow sensor is based on the company’s established CMOSens technology that delivers high reliability and precise measuring. The technology combines the sensor element, signal processing, and digital calibration on a small microchip. The gas is measured by a thermal sensor element for an extended dynamic range and long-term stability.

Key specs include:

  • Very low pressure drop of <5 mbar @ 200 slm
  • Flow range: –10 slm to 240 slm (one-directional)
  • Accuracy: 3% m.v.

The SFM3019 flow sensor is available in digital and analog versions. The digital version can measure both oxygen and air, as well as a mixture of both elements with high accuracy.

An evaluation kit for the SFM3019 is available.

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