Precision-measurement development platform offers hardware kits, software tools -

Precision-measurement development platform offers hardware kits, software tools


Analog Devices, Inc. (ADI) has launched MeasureWare, a plug-and-play suite of hardware measurement kits and software studio tools for precision measurement applications. This tool suite can be used in a variety of applications including precision agriculture, machine health monitoring, and electrochemistry.

The MeasureWare solutions allow users to measure the datasets needed for their projects such as temperature, weight, humidity, pH, and pressure, and enables them to adjust and change measurement parameters as a project evolves. Current applications range from bee health monitoring and industrial monitoring to beverage production and cold chain for medication.

The MeasureWare Software Studio includes:

  • MeasureWare Designer: Provides hardware recommendations.
  • MeasureWare Lab: Enables users to stream and view monitoring results in measurement units.
  • MeasureWare Developer: Designed for the more advanced users, the tool supports preferences for host microcontroller and integrated development environments for application coding. ADI initially offers an ARM Mbed sample project and API, but other IDEs will be supported in the future.

ADI also provides a MeasureWare support community to share experiences and receive support.

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