Preparing for embedded system challenges at EE Live!/ESC -

Preparing for embedded system challenges at EE Live!/ESC


This week's Tech Focus newsletter contains the links to a dozen or more blogs and news stories about this year's EE Live!/ESC technical conference/exposition starting this week in San Jose, Ca.

The newsletter will provide those attending with a quick reference guide to many of the events and speakers to help you make choices on what to attend.  The newsletter will also serve as a reminder to those of you in Northern California or in nearby states and communities who have not yet made up their minds about attending that there is a lot to see, hear, and learn at the conference. There is still time to get here by car, train, or airplane.

For those who are not at the conference, the newsletter can serve as a guide when you talk to your colleagues who are attending EE Live!/ESC about the classes, presentations, and exhibits. You can also save this blog and the newsletter to your browser favorites list as a reminder of why you should attend next year.

Many of the links included in the Tech Focus newsletter are to blogs that highlight particular classes as well as to articles and technical papers on that relate to the topics under discussion at the show.

The various events and classes at the conference have been sorted into 10 design tracks and summits to make it easier to decide what to include on your EELive! Schedule Builder. But even so, that merely narrows down the choices you have to make from nearly impossible to manageable. I hope the links included will make it easier for you to make choices.

As the online technical editor for, I’d like to attend ALL of the classes, but since that is impossible, I have used the class tracks and the schedule builder to create a a list of events that I hope to have time to attend. They include:

1. Super C++ Tutorial. A two day course conducted by Bjarne Stroustrup, the creator of C++, and Herb Sutter, the chair of the ISO C++ committee. It will be not only a refresher course on all things C++, but a survey of what the most recent 2014 revisions and extensions of the language will bring.

2. Android Programming Certificate sessions. This Linux distribution from Google has not only become a standard for many mobile platforms, it is working its way into automotive, industrial, medical, military/aerospace, and the new Internet of Things as the means by which humans can interact with those systems and the embedded “things” that populate our lives.

3. Embedded Systems Engineering track. In his Break Points blog on, Jack Ganssle has written many times about the need to bring more engineering discipline to embedded systems design. He will be teaching a course in this track, as will Rob Oshana, who will talking about software performance engineering, a topic that will be of continuing importance in the years to come.

4. Michael Barr's Tuesday's keynote address on “Killer apps: embedded software's greatest hit jobs. ” An occasional contributor to his Barr Code blog on, Michael is former editor-in-chief of Embedded Systems Design Magazine. Recently he was a key technical witness in the Toyota auto safety trial. I am sure he will have a lot to say that will be interesting, useful, and no doubt painful.

As always, when I attend the yearly Embedded Systems Conferences at venues such as EELive!, I wish I were at least three people – there is so much to see and hear and so many of you to talk to. Hope to see you there! Site Editor Bernard Cole is also editor of the twice-a-week newsletters as well as a partner in the TechRite Associates editorial services consultancy. He welcomes your feedback. Send an email to , or call 928-525-9087.

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