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Distec: highest fire protection class for BLO-Line monitors


Distec now offer their proven fire load-optimized monitors as a new BLO-Line in the highest possible fire protection class A1- s1, d0 according to DIN EN 13501-1: 2019-05. The monitors are available in sizes from 24 to 65 inches and with a touchscreen option. In addition, each monitor can be equipped with an internal PC solution. The new BLO-Line does not require special fire protection housings. This makes the monitors more visually appealing, more cost-effective and easier to assemble and handle. They are ideal as information displays in areas with strict fire protection regulations in industrial areas and in public buildings such as hospitals, universities, schools, train stations, and airports.

The new BLO-Line monitors are equipped with fire protection glass and have a sturdy housing made of sheet steel. The durable monitors are designed for 24/7 operation. Optionally, Distec equips them with a high IP protection class and an extinguishing cartridge. This small glass cartridge inside the monitor is filled with a special gas. When the heat is high, the cartridge breaks and releases the extinguishing gas, which contains the fire.

Distec offers the BLO-Line parallel to the previous fire load-optimized monitors, which are certified according to B-s1, d0. All monitors are optionally available for external control or with an integrated PC. The standard delivery is for mounting in landscape format, but if required, Distec also delivers all versions for mounting in portrait mode. Every monitor comes with a certificate that confirms the fire class for the device.

The fire behavior, i.e. the ignitibility and flammability of the monitors, was determined based on the SBI method according to DIN 13823: 2015-02. The fire test was carried out in accordance with the European standard in accordance with DIN EN13501-1: 2019-05. The devices not only achieve the highest fire protection class according to A1-s1, d0, but also meet and exceed all requirements in fire tests: they are non-flammable and have the properties to create hardly any smoke gas development during a fire and no flammable dripping/falling off. The display specialist pioneered the first BLO monitor back in 2015.