Kithara: Real Time for NI multifunction cards -

Kithara: Real Time for NI multifunction cards


Kithara Software has announced support for multifunction data acquisition cards by National Instruments. This way, the Multifunction Module, as part of Kithara RealTime Suite, enables real-time access for any PCIe card of the X Series in order to implement efficient test, measurement and control applications.
The real-time drivers by Kithara provide an easy-to-apply API, which allows for vendor-neutral, hardware-dependent accesses. This includes real-time functions for the utilization of digital I/O as well as analog I/O as single value, channel sequence, limited series of sequences or continuous mode with a switch buffer interrupt.
With support for the X Series by National Instruments, the real-time system is able to cover a wide spectrum of hardware specifications such as the number of analog and digital I/O as well as sampling rate and clock rate respectively. This allows for efficient PC-based real-time applications, ranging from simple to complex, to be highly scalable and to be implemented efficiently.