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MicroSys: NXP S32G-based system and development kit


NXP introduced their S32G Safe and Secure Vehicle Network Processor at this year’s CES show. As an early adopter, MicroSys offers miriac MPX-S32G724A System on Modules and miriac SBC-S32G274A systems and development kits based on this CPU family.

The miriac SBC-S32G274A Single Board Computer is based on NXP’s S32G274A Vehicle Network Processor. It integrates a mirac MPX-S32G274A System on Module designed by MicroSys. The system combines numerous high speed Ethernet interfaces for automotive networking with stand-ard automotive busses like Flexray (2x), LIN (4x) or CAN (16x plus 2x CAN FD). It is a communica-tion and compute thoroughbred for innovative automotive and industrial communication applications.

The compute power is provided by two different ARM architectures: a quad core Arm Cortex-A53 complex and 3 Arm Cortex-M7 cores. The A53 cores are a good fit for compute intense tasks and the M7 cores for safety relevant pro-cesses. The board holds 4GB of 64-bit soldered LPDDR4 RAM and 32GB eMMC and 512Mb Quad-SPI Flash.

The high speed ethernet interfaces are provided by an automotive Ethernet switch with max. 10 ports. This board design offers in total 6x T1 communication ports, 1x 100Mb LAN, 1x 2.5G LAN, and 4x 1G LAN.  Other I/O interfaces are 1x USB 2.0 (miniUSB AB), 12x analog inputs to ADCs, one miniPCIe slot and an M.2 Module Type M interface. For debug pur-poses a JTAG connector, a 40-pin AURORA con-nector and 1x miniUSB to UART are available.

The development kit offers a fast means to implement rugged designs with the aim of with-standing extreme and harsh environments. Typical applications are found in automotive, industrial automation, medical, railways & transportation, construction and defense market segments. The flexible miriac MPX module carrier concept, in combination with the Linux board support package, is an excellent platform for rapid prototyping.

NXP’s Arm Cortex-A SoC’s are an excellent fit for any application requiring high performance with low power in a small form factor system. The system is production ready, if it fits the target environment. Conduction cooling can be implemented.

Versions for extended temperature -40°C to +85°C or rugged environments are available on request. The SBCs are an easy means to check out system variants and guarantee a fast turnaround into volume production. The miriac SBC-S32G274A Development Kit will be available in Q2 2020.