Rehm Thermal Systems wins NPI Award -

Rehm Thermal Systems wins NPI Award


The trade fair year 2020 got off to a roaring start for Rehm Thermal Systems: The company’s participation in the IPC APEX EXPO was accompanied by winning an NPI Award in the “Soldering – Reflow” category. The manufacturer of thermal system solutions delivered a convincing performance with Vision TripleX – a soldering system which was presented for the first time last November at productronica 2019 in Munich, and which combines the advantages of convection and vapour phase soldering. With Vision TripleX, Rehm was able to win over the jury and claim the NPI Award for itself: The newly developed Vision TripleX is based on the reflow convection soldering systems of the Vision series and combines the convection soldering process with the proven vapor phase soldering process of the Condenso series. Thus, three different processes can be operated in this new system: reflow convection soldering with and without vacuum and vapour phase soldering using Galden®. This not only affords customers greater flexibility in the production of electronic assemblies while saving on investment costs and space in the production facility. The flexibility of temperature profiling – resulting from the combination of convection and condensation, in conjunction with the applicable atmosphere (air, N2 and/or Galden) – allows high-quality solder joints to be realised on assemblies that vary greatly in thermal mass.