Renesas expands access to portfolio of IP licenses -

Renesas expands access to portfolio of IP licenses


Renesas Electronics announced expanded access to its portfolio of intellectual property licenses that allow designers to meet a broad range of customer requirements in a rapidly changing industry. Starting today, customers will have access to IPs such as advanced 7nm SRAM and TCAM, and leading-edge standard Ethernet time-sensitive networking IP. Furthermore, Renesas is working on providing a system IP which includes PIM (processing in memory), which attracted attention as an AI accelerator, presented in a conference paper in June 2019. With these IPs, customers can jump start their advanced semiconductor device development projects, such as the development of next-generation AI chips or ASICs for leading-edge 5G networks.

Customers developing custom chips or using FPGA devices for early development can leverage Renesas IP in their subsystem design or speed up software development, respectively, allowing them to focus resources on their specialty areas, speed up the development process, and bring highly competitive products to market. Customers who prefer to use existing software assets can take advantage of Renesas IP assets to achieve more efficient system development by reducing the resources required to develop, verify, and evaluate software and boards.

To support customers’ semiconductor development efforts, Renesas has also established a network of partner companies ready to support users’ unique needs. This network includes design houses that perform contract semiconductor design and technology partners who will provide an array of software and middleware tools. This network will accelerate users’ technology innovations and product development efforts by lowering the barriers to entry for semiconductor device and FPGA development. Renesas can also introduce experienced users to model-based design development environments that fully utilize leading-edge IP.