Toshiba announces trio of new high-current photorelays -

Toshiba announces trio of new high-current photorelays

Toshiba Electronics Europe GmbH has announced the availability of three new photorelays that are aimed at applications where they will replace mechanical 1-Form-A relays in industrial and factory automation installations.

Based upon the latest U-MOS IX semiconductor process with a trench structure, that reduces on-resistance, allowing the TLP3106A, TLP3107A and TLP3109A to have RON(max) values of 30mΩ, 40mΩ and 65mΩ respectively. The new photorelays offer a range of options including an OFF-state output terminal voltage (VOFF) between 30 and 100V and a steady ON-state current (ION) between 3 and 4.5A. Pulsed ON-state current values are in the range 9 to 13.5A.

All three devices offer an isolation voltage (BVS min) of 1500Vrms and operate across a temperature range of -40 to +110 °C. They are housed in a small 6-pin SOP surface mount package.

1-Form-A mechanical relays are popular in a variety of DC and AC applications including factory automation (FA), I/O interface boards, heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment, security devices and measurement products. The new photorelays can replace 1-Form-A relays in all of these applications, contributing significantly to reducing the space needed for the relays and relay drivers as well as enhancing system reliability.