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Würth: IoT and communication between machines on show


Würth Elektronik will present their product innovations and provide information about services for electronics developers at embedded world. The range extends from components for EMC to optoelectronics, from oscillators and simulation tools, to radio modules and sensors. Experts from Würth Elektronik also participate in the show’s congress program with four lectures.

The central theme of the trade show is the Internet of Things and communication between machines. Here Würth Elektronik showcases its LAN transformer “WE-LAN AQ” for industrial Ethernet systems and the minute signal transformer “WE-STST”, just 2.9 mm high, for LAN interfaces and single-pair Ethernet applications. “Proteus-III” is presented from the field of radio modules — a Bluetooth 5.1 low-energy module based on the Nordic nRF52840 IC. “Thyone-I” is another module enabling developers to implement proprietary wireless solutions based on the same chipset in the globally accessible 2.4 GHz band.

With its “Elara” and “Erinome” series of GNSS modules, the component manufacturer’s emerging “Wireless Connectivity & Sensors” division steps up for the first time to present solution components for global positioning. “Elara-I” is one of the smallest GNSS modules currently available on the market. Alongside their pressure and acceleration sensors, the Würth Elektronik portfolio now also includes temperature sensors.

Electromagnetic compatibility is one of Würth Elektronik’s traditional strengths. This year the focus is on the WE-MPSB-SMT ferrites with specified peak current capability and the compact WE-CCMF multilayer common mode choke, which is particularly suitable for use on high-speed data lines. The family of magnetically shielded WE-HCM SMT high current inductors has a recent addition with very low inductance values.

IQD Frequency Products, part of the Würth Elektronik eiSos Group, is represented on the booth with its high-end oscillators: The IQD rubidium oscillators offer a thousand times higher accuracy than conventional Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillators (OCXO), independent of temperature fluctuations. Central areas of application are network time servers, large PTP (Precision Time Protocol) clocks and LTE base stations. A Disciplined Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator with integrated GNSS is released, and is available for use in smart power grids and radar. IQD also presents very stable OCXOs and a full range of digital and analog compensated ZCXO/VCTXOs.

The trade show audience can look forward to WCAP-CSRF MLCC, a new ceramic capacitor for high-frequency applications. The family of MagI³C Power Modules—DC/DC switching regulators with integrated regulator ICs and passive components (power inductors, capacitors, resistors) as a system-in-package (SiP)—is expanded with the extremely compact MagI³C VDMM in an LGA-6EP housing.

Among the electromechanical solutions on display in the booth are the REDFIT IDC SKEDD, (a solderless, multi-pluggable direct connector utilizing the SKEDD technology invented by Würth Elektronik), WR-FPC LIF connectors for SMT assembly, SMT spacers as well as new USB sockets, modular jacks (Cat 6 cable capability), REDCUBE terminals and various types of switches.