Price pressure impacts MEMS for mobiles market -

Price pressure impacts MEMS for mobiles market


LONDON — Yole Développement has released the MEMS for Mobiles 2006 report which predicts the market will reach $750 million in 2009 and covers manufacturers, number of units, price, and the technologies of the main MEMS devices for mobile phones.

“Compared to our former estimation, the market in units is growing much faster than we expected but on the same time, the market in value is lower than expected: we think now that the 2008 market will be in the range of $550 million(compared to our last year estimation of $620 million). The price pressure in this industry is just incredible,” said Jean Christophe Eloy, managing director of Yole Développement,

The MEMS4mobile report for the first time analyses a number of innovative functions, especially MEMS based displays. “There is more and more interest from handset manufacturers to use innovative displays based on low consumption and enhanced quality. The road is long to reach industrialization but the needs are important.”

The report highlights the different applications and related markets on a world basis (2004-2008), who is doing what, the expected product launch and also a complete and in-depth technology, specifications and marketing challenges for MEMS to be implemented in mobile phone.

The companies analyzed in this report include Analog Devices, Memsic, Kionix, STM, Oki, Hitachi, Fujitsu, BEI Sensors, Murata, Freescale, MEW, Seiko Epson, Knowles, SonionMems, Akustica, STM, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Sony, Philips, APM, and Discera.

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