Primagraphics migrates to PMC -

Primagraphics migrates to PMC


Hawkeye is a range of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) sensor input and display cards in PCI Mezzanine Card (PMC) format from Primagraphics.

The Hawkeye range is compatible with both VME and Compact PCI host cards and provides flexibility over choice of host processor — Power PC, Sun Sparc or Intel Pentium — and operating environment — Linux, Solaris or Windows. Primagraphics is the first company to provide radar scan conversion and radar input cards for the PMC format

The family initially consists of four different cards which are designed for flexibility. They use the Digital Video Interface (DVI) standard as a method of linking boards together. This technique provides the ability to combine several display windows onto a final output display, by digitally mixing, at each board in the chain, the incoming graphics signal with the additional display window generated by the card.

The fours cards in the Hawkeye ranges includes Falcon, an integrated video and graphics capture board that supports a full range of display resolutions up to 1280 x 1024 pixels. The card provides the host processor generated graphics, and video window if required, and is equipped with both a DVI and standard RGB output capability to drive a monitor directly.

Osprey is a radar acquisition and digitisation card, which includes a powerful processor to allow the software implementation of custom radar processing algorithms, and a high-level command interface. The card will handle a range of radar types including standard ACP/ARP, 12bit parallel azimuth for Synchro, as well as ASDE-3 and RADDS serial azimuth formats.

Eagle is a radar scan converter that builds on Primagraphics' field proven experience in the design of highly efficient converters. The reverse scan conversion algorithm implemented on the Eagle card ensures that there are no holes or spokes in the displayed image when mapping the polar data to cartesian coordinates.

Talon is a carrier and network interface card for the Hawkeye range. Available in either VME or Compact PCI format it incorporates a powerful processor and embedded operating system. When used with the Hawkeye PMC cards, it allows highly cost-effective, low slot count systems to be built.

The Hawkeye cards are supported by a range of software allowing developers to design systems for applications as diverse as radar video servers, multi-function, 'thin-client' display consoles, video windowing systems and radar trackers.

John Shave, Primagraphics' managing director, said, “The low power consumption of the boards brings the option of further ruggedisation, raising our profile in naval and airborne markets. It also give us access to companies that are developing systems using Compact PCI host cards — a format that is predicted to gain market share in the long term.”

The flexibility designed-in to the range allows a number of system configurations. For example, a multi-function console design – offering radar and video input as well as display capability – could be configured in two slots.Primagraphics is based in Cambridge and has systems for the VME, PCI and Compact PCI bus in use for airborne and shipborne command and control consoles, vessel tracking, air traffic control and air defence systems.

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