Primagraphics wins US Navy contract -

Primagraphics wins US Navy contract


CAMBRIDGE, England — Primagraphics has secured a contract to supply the United States Navy with radar and video display subsystems for the Gun Weapon System Consoles being developed for the Aegis CG-47 Class Cruiser Conversion program.

The contract dictated that a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) subsystem was required that would have to accept specialized radar video input formats, multiple camera video inputs, support for maps and numerous X-window graphics overlays – and provide real-time digital display recording.

The Primagraphics subsystem chosen uses a variety of cards from the company’s COTS range including a Hawkeye single-board radar scan converter, a Cobra quad video windows card, a Panther display card, and a Sentinel record and replay system.

David Johnson, product manager at Primagraphics, said: “This is a significant order for Primagraphics and demonstrates, yet again, our ability to provide highly competitive and technically advanced naval shipboard solutions.”

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