Probes display of pulses with sub-nanosecond rise times -

Probes display of pulses with sub-nanosecond rise times

Two Tetris probes from Pico Technology are suitable for testing densely-packed high-speed circuits and use active circuitry which provides a performance improvement over passive probes.

While the input capacitance of a passive probe loads the signal source even at frequencies below 1 MHz, causing distortion, the Tetris probes maintain a high input impedance into the GHz range. This enables the accurate display of pulses with sub-nanosecond rise times.

The Tetris probes are compatible with all standard high-bandwidth oscilloscopes with 50-ohm BNC inputs, such as the PicoScope 6000 series.

The Tetris 1000 has a probe bandwidth of 1 GHz, while the Tetris 1500 is rated at 1.5 GHz. Other specifications are: input impedance 1 megohm in parallel with 0.9 pF; measuring range ±8 V; attenuation 10:1 ±5 percent; cable length 1.3 m; weight (probe only) 96 g.

The probe heads have a T-shaped cross-section that allows them to be stacked side by side, closely enough to probe adjacent pins of a 0.1 inch IC package. The probes are supplied with a comprehensive accessory pack consisting of: low-inductance ground blade, assorted ground leads, L‑In adapter, Z‑Ground, 2 adhesive copper pads, two pico hooks, replacement solid and sprung tips, 0.8 mm socket adapter, and coloured cable markers. A universal mains power supply is also included.

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