Probing questions -

Probing questions

Probes seem to be gaining importance as bus speeds increase and test contacts become smaller and denser. Now Agilent Technologies Inc. has made an interesting move, which it says is based on customer feedback, by introducing a Tektronix-to-Agilent probe adapter.

The solution is designed to meet customer needs outside of Aigilent's traditional product offering. The adapter provides the necessary probe power, calibration and offset control to the Tektronix probes. Engineers who already own Tektronix active probes can use Agilent oscilloscopes without having to purchase new probes. And probes are not cheap!

The N2744A T2A adapter (right) enables engineers to connect Tektronix TekProbe-BNC Level 2 probes to Agilent’s Infiniium and InfiniiVision oscilloscopes.
Of course the move has dual purposes, remove a roadblock that might stop engineers with an investment in Tektronix gear switching to Agilent but it also looks like it is also designed to fill a gap.

Probe adapters are not new but seem to be restricted to a simple interface between a company's own equipment and probes. And of course there are third party probe manufacturers that provide devices that can be used with a number of manufacturers scope.

Is this the first time one of the major players have provided this type of interface to a competitors units?

In addition to the probe adapter, Agilent is expanding its offering of oscilloscope probes.

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