Processor targets devices with audio, video, and touchscreen functionality -

Processor targets devices with audio, video, and touchscreen functionality


The CX92745 processor developed by Conexant Systems Inc. is for use in interactive display appliances (IDAs) with audio, high-performance video, and touchscreen functionality.

IDAs are used as home Web terminals, interactive signage and kiosks, and in home automation and touchscreen-enabled multimedia applications.

The CX92745 display, media, and image processor includes Conexant’s proprietary image processing pipeline, a HD video hardware engine, a graphics processing unit, and a microprocessor to provide high-quality photo rendering and multimedia processing.

The SoC also includes an integrated Class-D amplifier to maximize audio performance and power-efficiency, and an internal power supply controller. It also includes support for Wi-Fi, 3G cellular, Bluetooth, and Ethernet connectivity.

Based on an ARM RISC processor, the CX92745 also includes an integrated ARM vector floating point unit, large internal caches, and high-speed DDR2 memory to maximize multimedia and graphics processing capabilities.

Additional features include a programmable LCD interface for analog and digital displays, and a touchscreen controller to enable low-cost, advanced capacitive touchscreen functionality. The processor also includes integrated USB 2.0 host and device ports, which enable high-speed, bi-directional data transfers and connections to USB peripherals. The processor integrates a BT.656-compatible video-in port to support camera and video peripheral interfaces.

The CX92745 is sampling now, with volume production in January 2011. Evaluation kits and reference designs based on the SoC solution will be provided to qualified customers at no cost. The processor is packaged in a 400-pin fine-pitch ball grid array and priced at $9.00 each in production quantities. A datasheet is available for download .

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