Product developer adds finishing expertise -

Product developer adds finishing expertise

LONDON — Clive Hardy has joined 3T RPD's finishing team, as part of its continued efforts to extend its range of finishing options.  A senior modelmaker at Dyson for seven years, he has previous experience in the design and manufacture of light aircraft and has worked with the selective laser sintering (SLS) process for the last five years. The company is a specialist in rapid product development, a culture of manufacture which accelerates the development of new products, from the initial design stage through to completion and mass production, in the shortest timescales possible.

3T's Finishing team mixes skilled patternmakers with modelmakers, whose expertise combine the functionality of SLS prototypes with high quality aesthetics.

SLS technology utilises layer based construction techniques which, whilst offering benefits in terms of build speed, can sometimes give a stepped surface finish.  From a purely functional aspect this is seldom a problem, however from the aesthetic perspective they may require additional finishing.  Hardy's skills should enhance 3T's existing capability to supply prototypes to full marketing model standard, and increase the aesthetics, painting and dressing options available.

3T have recently pioneered a lower cost method of improving the visual impact of their functional prototypes with a revolutionary colouring process.  Single parts or large batches can be supplied in a standard range of colours.  Requiring no surface dressing, this post-process is usually covered by a flat charge irrespective of parts count.  Giving a permanent surface colouring, assemblies become clearer, components can be highlighted, and resilience to handling discolouration enhanced. 

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