PROFIBUS-Diagnostics Suite 2.10 has extended functionality -

PROFIBUS-Diagnostics Suite 2.10 has extended functionality


Softing has introduced numerous functional enhancements in Version 2.10 of its PROFIBUS Diagnostics Suite. The integrated oscilloscope now offers separate presentations of the individual levels of line A and B against GND besides the determination of their differential signal.

Other significant upgrades include:

  • The trigger and scale options have been significantly enlarged and the sampling rate can now be changed.
  • Through optimizing the measuring algorithm, the time to determine the actual topology has been reduced.
  • An easy to understand bar graph indicates the progress of the measurement.
  • The trend measuring now offers an overview which considers all nodes on the network in addition to the single-node evaluation.

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From May 15, 2012, users of Softing’s PROFIBUS-Tester can download the software update from the Softing website free of cost. For more information contact .

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