PROFIBUS provides free web-based training -

PROFIBUS provides free web-based training

LONDON — A completely reworked Web Based Training (WBT) from PROFIBUS International is now available free of charge to anyone from the PROFIBUS website.

In English and German, WBT provides a one-day introductory course to the world of PROFIBUS. It is also a very useful continuing education option for employees of companies engaged in PROFIBUS development as well as manufacturers, system integrators or end users.

The training is based on “system building blocks” and is divided into six sections which address major fundamentals of the PROFIBUS technology including the Master-Slave principle, transmission technology, the protocol architecture and the PROFIBUS DP communication protocol.

Answers are provided for common questions such as: What is PROFIBUS and how do participants in a PROFIBUS network communicate? WBT also provides practical information about device installation: Where should terminating resistors be placed? And, when must a repeater be used?

The central topic of PROFIBUS PA has been reincorporated: In addition to clarifying the “PA Devices” application profile, the universal automation of a hybrid system is demonstrated. In the “Engineering” chapter, the user experiences how to manage PA devices and how to put a system into operation using engineering tools.

Learning is self-directed and participants are tested at the end.

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