PROFIsafe adds extra information -

PROFIsafe adds extra information


PROFIBUS International has announced two documents on PROFIsafe, a supplemental technology for standard PROFIBUS that reduces the failure probability of information transmission between fail-safe controllers and fail-safe field devices in accordance with IEC 61508. The documents are:

  • PROFIsafe – Requirements for Installation, Immunity and Electrical Safety also describes fail-safe solutions for configuration, parameter assignment, and maintenance of PROFIsafe-compliant installations.
  • PROFIsafe – Test Specification for Safety Related PROFIBUS DP Slaves defines how DP slaves should be tested in order to ensure compliance with the PROFIsafe specification.

PROFIsafe defines a set of rules that enable manufacturers, integrators, distributors, competence centres and consultants to maintain consistency in implementation and application of the technology.

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