Program offers compatibility test for high-definition consumer electronics -

Program offers compatibility test for high-definition consumer electronics


Sunnyvale, Calif.—Media IC maker Silicon Image, Inc ., providing secure distribution, presentation, and storage of high-definition content, announces the launch of Simplay Labs and the Simplay HD Testing Program . The program provides compatibility testing for HD (high definition) consumer electronics devices.

HD devices include HDTV s, STB s (set-top boxes), A/V (audio/video) receivers, and DVD players. The goal is to help manufacturers achieve compatibility.

The Web Site Assist

As part of this accord, Simplay Labs also offers testing service options and a cooperative agreement with Monster Cable Products and Tweeter Home Entertainment Group . Simplay also has a Web site that includes a listing of Simplay HD verified devices.

The Simplay HD Testing Program consists of device compatibility testing, branding, and education for consumers. Its goal is to provide them with a consistent plug-and-play user experience as well as to maximize access to HD content. The program also expects to educate retail channels on how to identify devices that are compatible and content-ready.

Replacing the PanelLink Cinema Partners Program , the Simplay HD Testing Program examines devices for compliance with the HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface) and the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) specifications.

Products that demonstrate adherence to the Simplay HD Compatibility Test Specification, or CTS , in testing by Simplay Labs are identified with a Simplay HD logo.

Testing Services Options

Simplay HD participants have three testing service options. Simplay Standard incurs no annual fee. It offers a standard testing fee, standard scheduling, and optional logo usage.

Simplay Preferred also has no annual fee, and offers a 25% discount on testing fees, along with priority scheduling, logo usage, and the Web site listing.

Finally, Simplay Elite has a $10,000 annual participation fee, and includes four free tests, a 25% discount on subsequent tests, priority scheduling, and logo usage. It also confers prominent Web site listing, and gives you five hours of test support services per product.

Who's Who?

The list of Initial participants in the Simplay HD Testing Program read like a list of CES (Consumer Electronics Show) favorites. Companies include BenQ, Hitachi, LG Electronics, MediaTek, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, Pace Micro Technology, Renesas Technology, Samsung Electronics, Sanyo, Scientific-Atlanta, SerComm, Sony, Sunplus Technology, and TTE .

The program also has support from content providers such as Fox, Walt Disney Company, Universal Studios , and Warner Bros . In addition, Mitsubishi Digital Electronics, Sanyo, Sony, and TTE (under the Thomson brand) have each submitted HDTVs for Simplay HD testing.

For more details contact Silicon Image, Inc., 1060 East Arques Ave., Sunnyvale, Calif. 94085. Phone: 408-616-4000. Fax: 408-830-9530.

Silicon Image , 408-616-4000,

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