Programmable logic meet-up was a mega-success -

Programmable logic meet-up was a mega-success


Well, as usual, my head is spinning with all of the stuff that's going on. I'm currently in the UK because I was invited to speak at the Alumni Reunion at my old Alma Mater — Sheffield Hallam University — yesterday evening. I took my mom because she's never actually seen me give a presentation before. She was somewhat surprised to discover that her badge read “Margaret Maxfield — Ruler of all she surveys” LOL.

And, of course, I'm still recovering from the excitement at ESC Minneapolis last week. One of the things that really distinguishes conferences like ESC from simply looking something up on the Internet is the fact that one gets to network with one's peers. Based on this, we decided to host a series of “Meet-ups” that were separate from the technical tracks and open to everyone, including those with free exhibit hall passes.

I hosted the Programmable Logic Meet-up. The idea was to get anyone interested in programmable logic into the same room. This included FPGA gurus, microcontroller-based designers who are thinking of using FPGAs, vendors, distributers, design service providers, and so forth.

Since this was the first time we've done this sort of thing, I must admit to being a tad trepidacious as the event drew close. There's always a fear of my being the only person there and having to talk to myself, not the least that I've already heard all of my best jokes. Thus, I'm delighted to report that pretty much every seat was taken as you can see in the following photo.

(Source: Maxfield)

After I'd set the ball rolling and everyone had introduced themselves, we all meandered around the room quaffing coffee, chatting to each other, exchanging business cards, and networking furiously. You can always tell when things are going well by the animated buzz of conversation, based on which this event went very well indeed. We'll definitely be doing this sort of thing at future ESCs, starting with ESC Boston 2016 — hopefully we'll see you there.

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