Programmable PC clock family is non-volatile -

Programmable PC clock family is non-volatile


SpectraLinear has developed a non-volatile programmable PC clock family, the PC EProClock. The effective structure of the PC EProClock lets designers achieve maximum compliance and clock signal integrity, with rapid time-to-market. Board designers effectively achieve high-quality clock signals because the PC EProClock remedies such time-consuming design parameters as impedance matching, rise/fall times, skew and phase shifting, differential clock matching, among other signal integrity issues that typically hinder compliance and performance. Furthermore, PC EProClock allows tight control of these parameters through non-volatile programmability, consequently enhancing system margin testing, and maximizing manufacturability with a production ready clock component.

System board designers are provided the ultimate in flexibility and configurability with a host of key features. Fine programming granularity with over 8000 non-volatile programming bits covers a wide range of configurations on parameters related to center frequency, signal integrity, and EMI reduction. Another benefit is the saving that goes beyond time, efforts, and board component reduction. The device can be configured per customer requirements and delivered to operate in the system at boot time. Therefore, alleviating the burden of writing a BIOS subroutine that typically occupies memory space for programming the main system clock at start-up through a two-wire interface.

The SL2874x PC clock family operates at 1.8 V internally. It features a power consumption below 10 mW per PLL. Primarily designed for notebook, mobile/wireless applications, and desktop PCs, the PC EProClock also works in servers and other embedded applications, including office automation, robotics, data communications, automotive, security systems, and storage.

The PC EProClock products are available now. They come in QFN and TSSOP packages with pin counts ranging from 28 to 72 pins and priced from $2.89 to $5.93 in 1000-unit quantities. These devices are all lead free and halogen free. For more information go to

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