Programmer supports Actel's flash FPGAs -

Programmer supports Actel’s flash FPGAs

FlashPro4 is hardware programmer supporting Actel's flash FPGAs: the IGLOO series and ProASIC3 series (including RT ProASIC3), SmartFusion and Actel Fusion families. It also supports FPGA embedded software program and debug managed by Actel's SoftConsole Integrated Design Environment (IDE) for embedded processors.

Communication through the use of USB 2.0 and is high-speed compliant for full use of the 480 Mbps bandwidth. For IGLOO nano 1.2 V core FPGAs, 1.2 V programming is supported.

It provides programming for hardware design for all current Actel flash FPGAs and embedded software design and debug for embedded ARM Cortex(TM)-M3, Cortex-M1, 8051s, and future embedded processor designs. It replaces and is fully backward compatible with the previous FlashPro3 programmer

“FlashPro4 provides our flash FPGA customers with the latest hardware technology for performing both hardware design implementation and software program implementation for embedded processor designs,” said Wendy Lockhart, senior manager, design solutions, Actel. “In addition, it provides a common approach for facilitating FPGA debug for tools such as Synopsys Identify RTL debugger and Actel's on-chip debug, plus SoftConsole, Actel's embedded software IDE. It is also low enough in cost that our customers can include it with their end systems, so their customers and support personnel can readily perform in-system programming updates in the field.”

Actel's FlashPro4 programmer is now available for US $49.  The kit includes a USB cable, a ribbon cable with 10-pin JTAG connector, and a quickstart card. The FlashPro software is available for free, either standalone or as part of all Actel Libero Integrated Design Environment (IDE) versions.

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