Programming the 29000 Family (1992) -

Programming the 29000 Family (1992)

The Am29000 is a high-performance, 32-bit RISC microprocessor designed for embedded control applications. Its many unique architectural features, including a Branch Target Cache, large register file, separate address, instruction, and data buses, and burst-mode accesses combine to allow high-performance designs using relatively inexpensive DRAM
memory systems.
While the programming emphasis on the Am29000, as on most RISC processors, is to use a high-level language like C, there are times where it is advantageous or mandatory to “drop down” into assembly language. This paper discusses the Am29000 calling convention and shows how to use it to write assembly-language routines that interface to the rest of the system, as well as how to write interrupt handlers.
ESC_1992_Vol2_Page165_Mann&Olson – Programming the 29000 Family.pdf

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