Programming the AM29000 Family -

Programming the AM29000 Family

Most customers using the 29K family in embedded applications program in a high-level language. This is possible now like never before for a few simple reasons.

First, RISC technology provides more than enough horsepower to overcome all the usual excuses for not programming in a high-level language.

Second, the architecture of the 29K works to reduce the semantic gap between the compiler and the chip. This makes it possible for compilers to produce code of hand-generated quality.

Third, the compiler technology available for the 29K family reduces the performance loss of typical high-level languages to a barely noticeable level.

While most, if not all, RISC microprocessor vendors make the same statements, there are many aspects of programming for the 29K family that are unique, The remainder of this paper discusses just a few of them.

ESC_1991_Vol1_Page396_Relph – Programming the AM29000 Family.pdf

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