Project to use wireless sensor network to study seabed erosion -

Project to use wireless sensor network to study seabed erosion

LONDON — Wireless Fibre Systems Ltd. is leading a consortium to develop an underwater sensor network that can monitor the impact of climate change on coastal erosion.

The £670,000 (about $1.2million) project will run for 18 months and WFS (Livingston, Scotland) along with Swansea Metropolitan University (Wales) and Valeport Ltd. (Totnes, England) is developing a wireless network of underwater sensors that will give researchers a real-time look at seabed erosion. They aim to deploy over 200 monitoring systems around the world to measure changes on the seabed and to predict and measure coastal erosion.

The initiative has received an investment of nearly £450,000 (about $835,000) from the Technology Strategy Board and will be managed by the School of Applied Computing at Swansea Metropolitan University.

“We are already seeing the consequences of coastal erosion in many parts of Britain, but its impact across the world is equally devastating. Without an effective method of monitoring and predicting where and when erosion will take place, governments and communities are unable to plan for the future,” said Brendan Hyland, CEO of WFS.

Nick Appleyard, Lead Technologist for the Technology Strategy Board added, “The Technology Strategy Board supports the research, development and exploitation of technology for the benefit of the U.K. economy and to improve quality of life. This project brings together the U.K.’s world class expertise to research and develop an innovative technology that could be exploited globally. We are delighted to offer our support and investment to WFS and their partners in this important project.”

WFS has filed over 50 patent applications in Europe and the U.S. and won major contracts in the defense, offshore and environmental industries and is a developer of underwater electronic communications, sensing and navigation technology.

Valeport is a manufacturer of hydrometric and oceanographic instrumentation while the School of Applied Computing at Swansea Metropolitan University brings expertise in the design and simulation of advanced networks, protocol design and communications systems. SMU is a regional Cisco Networking Academy and has expertise in network simulation using industrial level simulation environments such as Matlab, Simulink and Opnet Modeller.

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