Protection device targets next-generation MDDI handsets -

Protection device targets next-generation MDDI handsets


The RClamp0504P is the latest member of Semtech's RailClamp protection family. It features the low capacitance needed for next-generation clamshell and game-playing mobile phones. The part is aimed at the emerging crop of phones that support the mobile display digital interface (MDDI) standard, a high-speed, serial interconnection technology that simplifies the design of clamshell phones by reducing to as little as four the number of wires that run across the handset's hinge to connect the LCD to the digital baseband controller. The device is also suited for the keypad of game-playing phones where rapid key pressing creates a need for low-capacitance protection. Other applications for the RClamp0504P include USB and Ethernet ports, and other high-speed data lines.

The RClamp0504P can protect four high-speed data lines operating at up to 2 GHz without signal degradation, and features capacitance of less than 3 pF. The device also features a surge capacity that meets all relevant IEC standards for mobile phones.

The part is offered in a 1.6- by 1.6-mm leadless package with a 0.6-mm profile. It's available immediately in production quantities and is priced at $0.39 each in 1000-piece lots. For more information, visit

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