Protocol analysis platform facilitates triple-play services -

Protocol analysis platform facilitates triple-play services


The PC-based NSA18 is a UMTS UTRAN protocol analysis platform developed by Tektronix. It consists of portable network probes and leverages the company's network and service analyzer (NSA) for UTRAN software announced earlier this year for the K15 protocol test and monitoring platform. The new 3G protocol analysis platform facilitates deployment of triple-play services over UMTS radio access networks by providing automated topology discovery, detailed analysis of interactions between UMTS network components, portability of test equipment between test sites, easy field use, and offers various configuration options.

With highly automated analysis algorithms and integrated auto-configuration, the NSA18 reduces the time required to perform troubleshooting and root cause analysis on complex, multi-port and multi-protocol problems. It's designed to complement the current K15 UMTS monitoring platform, providing both a high degree of portability and high level of scalable performance.

The NSA for UTRAN software provides fully automated instrument configuration for Iub, Iur, Iu-CS, and Iu-PS interfaces as well as the ability to perform multi-interface call trace with user plane tracking capability. For more information, visit

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