Protocol analyzer supports wireless USB and UWB -

Protocol analyzer supports wireless USB and UWB

It's imperative that the test vendors' products keep pace with the rest of the industry (otherwise, how would product developers test their products?). One example of a test vendor keeping pace comes from LeCroy Corp., who has released its UWBTracer, a protocol analyzer that supports the Ultra Wideband (UWB), WiMedia, and wireless USB standards. By capturing traffic between a MAC and a PHY, the user can display protocol traffic from boards currently in the design phase. The analyzer software can logically organize and display the protocol hierarchically at the WiMedia and wireless USB levels. The Trace software display shows the protocol as well as information about the specifications. Real-time statistics provide additional insight into the product's operation and performance. For additional information about the UWBTracer, see the LeCroy web site at

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