Provigent's modem development kit targets point-to-point applications -

Provigent’s modem development kit targets point-to-point applications


Provigent's modem development kit lets system manufacturers develop the digital and IF sections of wireless PTP systems and achieve rapid time-to-market.

The PVG350MDK kit is based on the company's PVG310 single-chip modem. It makes it much easier to exploit the PVG310's full range of capabilities and provides a unified hardware platform for a complete product line of PTP systems. The advanced features of the PVG310 chip include the company's ProviBand and cross-polarization interference cancellation (XPIC) technologies.

ProviBand enables differential services with multiple CoA (classes of availability) over wireless backhaul links, thereby efficiently provisioning the available payload bandwidth by implementing ACM (Adaptive Code and Modulation) techniques.

XPIC technology doubles the net channel capacity of wireless links by using CCDP (co-channel dual-polarization), which allows the simultaneous transmission of two separate data streams on two polarizations of a single channel.

The PVG310 modem incorporates all physical-layer baseband functionality and also includes IF circuitry and an embedded control processor.

The development kit comes with complete design support, including schematics, layout files, bill of materials, and software. Full documentation and support from Provigent is also provided.

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