Proximity-detection reference design aids social distancing -

Proximity-detection reference design aids social distancing

Leveraging a Bluetooth Low Energy SoC, the BlueNRG-Tile reference design from STMicroelectronics serves as a foundation for location-monitoring and contact-tracing platforms. Based on ST’s BlueTile sensor node development kit, the design measures the signal strength of nearby Bluetooth non-connecting beacons and, in real time, calculates proximity to these sources. It can be provisioned to issue warnings when another beacon intrudes on an adjustable perimeter or when tampered with—even when not connected to a smartphone or 5G network.

In addition to the ultralow-power BlueNRG-2 SoC with tunnable RF output power, the base reference design can be supplemented with the S2-LP sub-GHz RF transceiver to add bidirectional tag-to-cloud communication through the Sigfox 0G global network. This allows private and anonymous tag provisioning, notifications, and an advisory return channel for emergency warnings. To conserve power and extend battery lifetime, a MEMS accelerometer power cycles the unit when it isn’t moving.

The compact social-distancing reference design can be used as is or enhanced for a wide range of applications, including bands and bracelets for use in open-air or closed professional environments such as factories, offices, and medical facilities. It can also be used as a plug-in or add-on to eyeglasses, helmets, masks, and shields.

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