Proximity sensors extend sensing distance -

Proximity sensors extend sensing distance

Omron Automation has added more than 2500 devices to its E2E NEXT line of proximity sensors featuring extended sensing distance and IoT functionality. Long-distance sensing minimizes target contact during production, while IoT capabilities improve predictive maintenance.

Offering up to four times the sensing range of standard models, the enhanced E2E NEXT proximity sensors prevent unexpected equipment downtime caused by target contact. In addition, sensor models with oil-resistant sheathing reduce the risk of sudden equipment shutdown by a factor of three.

DC 3-wire models employ IO-Link point-to-point communication to help identify the location and causes of failures in real time. Functions enabled by IO-Link include switching between NO and NC operation, sensor internal failure alert, excessive target proximity alarm selection, control output timer function selection (ON delay, OFF delay, one shot options), instability detection alarm with ON delay timer selection, monitor output strength, operating hours read-out, readout of the sensor internal temperature, and factory reset.

Requests for price quotes can be submitted on the E2E NEXT product page link below.

E2E NEXT product page

Omron Automation,

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