Proxy firmware enables Bluetooth from power-on -

Proxy firmware enables Bluetooth from power-on


Cambridge, England — A human interface device (HID) proxy capability enables CSR BlueCore-based Bluetooth dongles to operate while a PC is booting. Normally the main operating system has to loaded before HID such as mice and keyboards can operate.

The BIOS that allows the main OS to load lacks the software to drive a generic Bluetooth dongle to form mouse and keyboard connections. A keyboard has to be used to configure the BIOS, choose the OS on multiple-boot machines or enter OS “safe” modes.

The CSR HID Proxy firmware places the dongle in emulation mode when initially powered on. While in this mode, all required software to allow Bluetooth keyboard and mouse connections runs on-chip, and the dongle is presented to the PC as a non-Bluetooth HID. The dongle presents an emulated USB keyboard and mouse interface to the PC, which can be recognized by the BIOS.

Once the main OS loads, a special command switches the dongle from HID Proxy to a Bluetooth HCI mode so that the many different Bluetooth functions can be provided via the normal software such as printing to Bluetooth printers and synchronising to Bluetooth enabled PDAs and phones.

The HID Proxy dongle is suitable for use with all BIOSs that recognise USB keyboards and mice, and all OSs that support Bluetooth, including versions of Microsoft Windows from 95 to XP and Apple OS.X.

The dongle removes the inconvenience of having to connect a wired keyboard and mouse should users need to access the BIOS setup or run in an OS 'safe' mode.

The HID Proxy dongle does not need to be configured to work with a particular manufacturers keyboard or mouse allowing manufacturers to create a Bluetooth dongle as either a stand-alone device or in conjunction with PC peripherals.

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