PRQA brings continuous inspection to QA Verify -

PRQA brings continuous inspection to QA Verify


At Embedded World, static analysis vendor PRQA  introduced a significant upgrade to its QA•Verify software quality management tool suite that it thinks will promote team-sharing collaboration, sophisticated coding standards compliance, metrics and reporting facilities across multiple software projects.

According to the company, the adoption of structured code inspections remains surprisingly low, despite the fact that the benefits are well documented and compelling.

Inspections have historically been a manual and intensive effort, difficult to scale as code volume and complexity increases, along with the inevitable schedule and resourcing pressures on a development team’s most experienced resources.

According to the company, a key part of the solution is to automate the code inspection. With QA Verity, the company believes, organizations will be able to conduct their code inspections in an automated and collaborative environment. Several key product features combine to deliver this:

1 – Specific notes and subsequent comment threads from each review are captured and documented, and ongoing developer action assignments are initiated.

2 – Run-time issues and undefined language use are identified – among the most important inputs to a code inspection.

3 – Code structure and metrics with trend graphs over each function’s lifetime, provide an advanced timeline of code complexity.

4 – A detailed picture of coding rule compliance is available, incorporating sophisticated mechanisms to control deviations.

5 – Continuous, incremental analysis is provided and this can also be triggered through the build-environment integration, including continuous build environments such as Jenkins.

QA•Verify is available now.

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