PRQA puts C/C++ code measurement and management technology on show -

PRQA puts C/C++ code measurement and management technology on show

FARNBOROUGH, England — PRQA – Programming Research (Hersham, England) used ESC UK to make the first public demonstration of its Management Information System (MIS) which aims to change the landscape for software code quality measurement and provide quality management professionals with higher levels of diagnostic tools.

MIS equips software development managers with meaningful and actionable analytics, significantly advancing code reuse and error prevention for development projects in demanding software development environments.

MIS' code quality management operates in conjunction with PRQA's QAC and QAC++ analysis tools. It captures diagnostics and metrics from each version of a software project and coupling the code entities to the source version control system. Delivered through a regular web browser, the management system provides functionality to profile quality data over time, create new compound metrics that better reflect real quality initiatives, and give external stake-holders a 'seeing eye' inside each development project.

MIS has been undergoing internal and early-adopter trials for the past three months in industries including military and aerospace, medical design, automotive, and high-tech markets, and will have its first full product release in the fourth quarter of 2009.

PRQA says the feedback from all users who have previewed and adopted MIS so far has been immensely positive and has also provided an impetus for continued refinement and extension of the MIS product.

MIS enables developers to roll their development back to a previous code version to assess critical bugs or compliance issues. They can also perform instant baseline analysis between code versions, viewing only the newly exposed diagnostics.

Quality professionals can create rich compound measurements of code quality and show time-based trends and view and approve deviations from a coding standard. The drill-down features of the product allow for detailed diagnosis of any unwanted trend display.

Development managers can review overall compliance of a project, classified by module or authoring engineer, and make informed decisions about their products' suitability for release.

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A close binding to source version management systems, MIS delivers full reconstruction of source code plus diagnostics, and permits accurate automatic baselining between selected versions, without the need for development tool installation.

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