PSoC Express gets device drivers, function specific modules -

PSoC Express gets device drivers, function specific modules

Cypress Semiconductor has introduced a significantly upgraded versionPSoC Express (Ver. 2.1) embedded graphical design tool that now includesthird-party development capabilities and the ability to generate function-specific modules.

It also adds many new device drivers that designers can select toeasily implement functions within a PSoC device, including 7-segmentdisplays, thermocouples, accelerometers, I2C remote monitor and controldevices, distance sensors, and ambient light sensors.

PSoC Express allows system engineers to developmicrocontroller-based designs without any Assembly language or Cprogramming by allowing them to operate at a higher level ofabstraction and without requiring firmware development.

According to George Saul, vice president of Cypress's PSoC BusinessUnit, PSoC Express 2.1 also adds a new level of integration withCypress's full-featured PSoC Designer software, allowing users tocomplete designs exclusively at a high-level (using only PSoC Express),combine high-level and low-level design (start with PSoC Express andcomplete with PSoC Designer), or develop exclusively at themachine-level (using only PSoC Designer).

Other new features include user definable pins and memory map, astate machine creator, multi-object move capability, and the ability toduplicate and rename circuits.

To further accelerate the design cycle, PSoC Express containsillustrative examples that the designer can learn from, use “as-is” ormodify to meet specific application requirements.

A proprietary application generation engine makes use of a catalogincluding real-world-device drivers (e.g. fans, thermistors, switches,voltages, etc.), transfer functions (state machine, truth table,threshold checking, priority encoder, etc.) and communication protocolssuch as I2C and RS232, all of which are combined visually by thedesigner to build custom solutions.

Saul said the company plans to release quarterly catalog updates andwill release more content developer guides throughout the year tofurther enable third parties to generate PSoC Express content.

PSoC Express 2.1 is available now, free of charge, from Cypress's web site. The PSoCExpress Development Kit (CY3210-ExpressDK) is available on the CypressOnline Store.

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