PubNub offers serverless access control for real-time apps -

PubNub offers serverless access control for real-time apps


PubNub ,  which characterizes itself as a cloud-based Real-Time Network, has just launched its PubNub Access Manager (PAM), which adds serverless access control to its real-time infrastructure.

According to Todd Greene, founder and CEO of PubNub, developers can now manage granular permissions for their real-time apps and data, allowing them to deliver powerful new types of applications.

He said that with the Real-Time Network developers have a cloud-based infrastructure that can offers key building blocks for delivering real-time experiences on a global scale.

The key is the use of fine-grained version of the well-known publish-subscribe protocol permissions mechanism allow developers create real-time apps and data, without hosting authentication servers.

“Access control can be granted at various levels: person, device, channel or key,” he said. “PAM works with any existing authentication system: Facebook Connect, Twitter, Google, LDAP as well as the many home grown solutions that have evolved over the last five to ten years. “

With PAM, he said it is not necessary to host dedicated authentication servers, which can be a frequent source of performance bottlenecks.”

He said that now a number of new types real-time apps, such as subscription services, point-to-point and social apps can be developed by embedded developers with the use of the PubNub access manager. “The PubNub Real-Time Network handles all the infrastructure, scale, security and access for applications, so real-time just works,” said Greene.

In addition to allowing subscription services to real-time financial, traffic or social data streams where access can be easily granted and revoked on a per subscriber basis, he said point-to-point apps, such as home automation, are now possible where secure real-time data is streaming bi-directionally between devices, as well as social apps where secure real-time communication is peer-to-peer, with the option to monitor and intervene in user interactions when needed (ban a user, change privileges, etc.)

Greene said PubNub can be used to create real-time experiences like live dashboards and streams, collaboration, second screen synchronization, and machine-to-machine signaling and more by means of a simple API delivers real-time interactivity across mobile, browser, desktop and server that supports over 50 environments, including iOS, Android and JavaScript.

“With traffic distributed across 11 datacenters we maintain world wide,” he said,” PubNub currently powers thousands of real-time apps and streams three million messages per second to over 100 million devices each month,” citing users such as Rebtel, Viggle, GetTaxi, Humble Bundle, StageIT, Spreecast, Celly, Monotype, and Class Dojo.

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