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PULS invests €17million in Czech manufacturing facility

LONDON — PULS, a manufacturer of high efficiency DIN-rail power supplies, has opened a new manufacturing facility at Chomutov in the Czech Republic.

The facility was designed by the same architect who worked on Munich Airport with a input from Bernhard Erdl, CEO of PULS (Munich, Germany).

The factory is solar heated and conduction cooled by the material of the building itself combined with automatic window venting. Virtually all light is natural sunlight regulated by solar controlled blinds.

The 6,200 sq m facility will eventually employ 350 people and represents an investment of €17million with €8million spent on manufacturing systems inlcuding two highly Siemens SMD assembly lines, a partially automated warehouse, three nitrogen solder lines, twenty two pc board and functional test systems, two automated optical inspection systems and a laser marking system for pc board traceability.

Twenty burn-in racks have been installed incorporating an energy reclaiming system. Electronic loads are used to recycle output power of all units under test back into mains electricity rather than be dissipated as heat. This is fed back into the factory’s power supply achieving an 84 percent energy saving over conventional burn-in testing.

PULS is privately owned and managed with branch offices throughout Germany in addition to international sales offices in the U.K., France, Switzerland, Austria, the Czech Republic, China and the U.S. In December 2004, the company formed a strategic alliance with MGV, whose main business focus is on developing custom-tailored solutions for switch mode power supply units.

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