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Pulsic offers real-time analog chip layout preview in schematic editor


Electronic design automation (EDA) firm Pulsic has announced a plug-in for analog circuit designers that provides real-time chip layout previews in tandem with the schematic for analog circuit designers. It is also breaking away from traditional EDA business and licensing models by offering the new product as a “freemium” product, where the download and installation are free, but some features are available at additional cost.

Its’ new Animate Preview, available as a free download gives engineers quick, easy and accurate physical information about their analog circuit on-the-fly as they are developing their schematic. It delivers detailed visualizations and accurate area estimations of the circuit to help designers quickly spot problems. This effectively speeds design iterations by giving instant feedback on design decisions, and eliminates the wait for layout teams, often working on multiple competing projects, to find the time to create an initial layout.

Animate Preview delivers detailed visualizations and accurate area estimations of an analog circuit within the schematic editor, to help designers quickly spot problems. (Image: Pulsic)

Animate Preview works while you edit your circuit schematic, automatically keeping you up to date with your changes. Physical previews are generated when a schematic is loaded and each time the schematic is updated. The tool automatically recognizes common analog circuit topologies, such as current mirrors and differential pairs, and then intelligently places devices to achieve matching symmetry and optimal flow of the critical paths in your circuit. Animate Preview obeys DRC and process rules to give you early and accurate physical previews of your design.

Physical information that would normally take hours or days to generate is automatically available to circuit engineers in seconds.  The Animate Preview window, which runs as a plug-in inside Cadence Virtuoso, is embedded in the designer’s existing schematic editor and displays results and updated previews as they work, in real time. A fully featured GUI is available for detailed control of placement constraints and topologies if required. 

Pulsic is offering the Animate Preview as a free download and installation, while offering an ability to upgrade to the Animate Preview Plus. The only difference between Animate Preview and Animate Preview Plus is the ability to save the base layout to OpenAccess. Base layout refers to p-cells instances, other instances, well shapes, guard rings, poly heads and connectivity. Animate Preview considers all these things, including using p-cells when generating the layout preview, except that the designer is unable to export the final layout preview to OpenAccess. 

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