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Purchase brings in complimentary technology


LONDON — Trim Technology, a manufacturer of membrane switches, has bought screen printing company, Premier Aspects.

Premier Aspects (Cardiff, Wales) has one of only two Spyder digital printers in the U.K. It is able to print large-size rigid and flexible materials quickly and cost effectively. The Spyder offers a far speedier process than conventional screen printing and can handle many diverse print jobs.

The Spyder and Premier Aspect’s vacuum forming technology will be significant for the work Trim Technology (Llantrisant, Wales) does with the vending machine industry. Conversely, the work that Premier Aspects presently does for the gaming industry (fruit machine manufacturers) can now be enhanced by the direct links with the membrane switch expertise from Trim Technology.

Trim has recently been approved as a supplier to British Airways, whose suppliers have to meet stringent product safety and quality control standards, and the addition of Premier Aspects will allow it to provide a wider range of manufacturing support for the airline.

Trim Technology produces scientific instrumentation and medical electronics through to switch panels for the vending machine industry.

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