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PXI/PXIe platforms augment bandwidth

Aimed at entry-level PXI test needs, the PXES-2301 PXI Express six-slot chassis from Adlink enables system bandwidth of up to 8 Gbytes/s and peripheral bandwidth of up to 2 Gbytes/s for all slots. The company also offers the PXIe-3935 and PXI-3930 embedded controllers with Intel Celeron 2000E 2.2-GHz processors, providing up to a 50% increase in computing power and as much as eight times the bandwidth of available market offerings, according to Adlink.

The PXES-2301 chassis furnishes all-hybrid peripheral slots that accommodate CompactPCI, PXI, CompactPCI Express, and PXI Express modules. A smart system-monitoring control utility tracks chassis power and temperature, adjusting fans accordingly and triggering alarms when user-specified limits are exceeded. Two of the half-rack chassis can be mounted in a single rack-mount system.

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