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QinetiQ and Rockwell Collins to cut cost of military GPS


LONDON — A low cost, high sensitivity 'civilian code' GPS module is to be developed for military markets through a arrangement between Rockwell Collins UK and QinetiQ.

A joint development programme will enable Rockwell Collins to provide military customers with a high performance GPS without the costs associated with expensive 'military code' modules.

The companies will work together to develop a C/A Code, or 'civilian code', GPS module for defence markets. The military has traditionally only used P/Y Code, or 'military code', GPS because of the greater security offered. However, there are many non-operational scenarios, including training situations, where the enhanced security of P/Y Code is not required. In these circumstances, using less expensive C/A modules that still maintain a high level of performance will result in considerable savings for military customers.

The new module will be based on Rockwell Collins' third generation MPE GPS receiver and QinetiQ's Q20 GPS module which is 1000 times mores sensitive than standard GPS. The Q20 also enables indoor tracking.

Ian Pirie, Director of QinetiQ GPS Enabled Telematics, said: “We are excited by the opportunity, provided through QinetiQ's strengthening relationship with Rockwell Collins, to continue to diversify the application of QinetiQ's Q20 High Sensitivity GPS module. We have successfully taken the product to the TETRA radio market, where thousands of police users are benefiting from the module's fantastic performance.

“When the results of our collaborative programme with Rockwell Collins are combined with QinetiQ's high dynamics GPS capability for the US DoD's Joint Advanced Missile Instrumentation (JAMI) programme it will further open up the military market for our two companies.”

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