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QinetiQ led consortium to take wireless broadband on the rails


LONDON — A multi-national consortium led by QinetiQ aims to supply high speed wireless broadband computer access on trains and includes The Cloud, Cisco Systems, Cisco Capital, Interfleet Technology, KVH Industries, Aramiska, and Newtec.

The consortium is already in detailed negotiations with several major UK and international train operators to provide both the necessary high speed 'hotspot' hardware mobile users will need to connect to the network. Other services could include on-train passenger information, remote surveillance, telemetry and on board commerce.

Paul Wells of QinetiQ's mobile information business, said, “Many of the systems and services the consortium provides have already been individually proved and are widely regarded as amongst the best in their respective sectors. By bringing all these elements together into a single package we can deliver to rail network providers an integrated, cost effective wireless broadband solution that both enhances their existing business and for the first time truly offers unrivalled high speed services to their customers.”

The consortium also has access to some unique test and evaluation facilities that include real-time systems on board a Swedish train. The Cloud has already deployed hotspots across Sweden's national network of train stations.

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