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QinetiQ renews Wiliams F1 link


LONDON — The WilliamsF1 motor racing team has its technical partnership with QinetiQ to cover 2006 season with the QinetiQ logo remaining on the drivers' helmets.

The alliance started last May to encourage the use of ground-breaking technologies in the design and development of the team's racing cars.

The team has benefited from the advice and consultation from QinetiQ's scientists, engineers and specialists, notably in the areas of predictive aerodynamic disciplines, materials science and the application of GPS technology for data acquisition at test sessions.

Sir John Chisholm, QinetiQ's Executive Chairman, said, “There is an important link between QinetiQ, its aerospace heritage and the F1 motor racing industry. The aerospace business is a powerful vehicle for pulling through numerous technologies which in turn feed into other industries. It would be difficult, for example, to imagine the existence Formula One in this country without the innovative influence of aerospace technology, so it is entirely appropriate that QinetiQ should be working so closely with the Williams team.”

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