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QNX brings Adobe Flash to embedded user interfaces

MUNICH, Germany — With its Aviage HMI Suite, QNX allows developers of embedded devices to implement Human-Machine interfaces in Adobe Flash, eliminating the necessity to code the user interface with graphical APIs or toolkits. Now the Canadian software vendor has rolled the version 2.0 of the software.

The QNX Aviage HMI Suite targets designers of automotive infotainment user interfaces as well as of machine tool user interfaces and medical embedded HMIs. The software is also positioned as a key element of QNX Car which aims at electronics suppliers in automotive applications to speed product prototyping and thus reduce development costs.

The new program version supports Adobe's latest graphics versions, namely Flash Lite 3.1.7 and ActionScript 2.0. In addition, the software offers better performance, the vendor claims. It supports OpenVG hardware rendering on selected graphics controllers and offers enhancements for faster Flash transitions. The feature list includes offscreen rendering, bit blitting and scroll list management.

As an interface between ActionScript Flash HMI and underlying native code for real-time requirements, the software also contains the Aviage HMI library. According to QNX, this library also can load and define Actionscript classes.

A composition manager now provided with QNX's Neutrino realtime operating system allows developers to merge the output of multiple windows and processes on a single display, even with graphics controllers not supporting layering. The composition manager is OpenKode-compliant.

The Aviage HMI Suite 2.0 runs on ARM11, SH-4, x86 and Power architectures as well as on a selection of other platforms.

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