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QNX development program targets connected car


MUNICH, Germany — Real-time operating system vendor QNX Software Systems has launched a program aiming at automotive applications developers. With free access to many resources, the vendor promises to speed up the design process and reduce technological risks for developers.

According to the software vendor, the QNX Car program is designed to shorten time-to-market for automotive solutions by offering a range of technologies and reference implementations. The program will reduce the upfront engineering efforts associated with designing and prototyping automotive-related products, including the integration of consumer devices into automotive environments, QNX promises.

By offering preassembled reference implementations, the program allows customers to focus on their specific product implementation and differentiation, the vendor says. The business model for QNX Car also allows using the reference implementations at no costs; only if and when it is turned into a real-world OEM product users will be charged for the IP. Customers also will get access to evaluation versions and third party components.

One of the initial focus topics of QNX Car is the 'connected car' which is addressed by offering a connected platform, integrating connectivity options and their management. Technologies supported include Bluetooth, internet radio, and music management.

“The framework solves many integration issues in a final production system and enables our application designers to focus on the core navigation product and HMI features,” hailed Jonathan Lee, senior engineer, Volkswagen America Electronics Research Laboratory the program.

“Value and supply chains for in-vehicle technologies continue to evolve as demand for the connected car accelerates”, commented Thilo Koslowski, automotive practice leader for market researcher Gartner, Inc. “Automakers, suppliers and service providers will embrace software solutions that allow resources to be focused on driving competitive differentiation and developing new business models,” he explained the significance of QNX Car.

The system supports a broad range of processor architectures including ARM, Freescale's Power architecture, Renesas' SH series and Intel's Atom as well as popular architectures from Texas Instruments, Fujitsu and other vendors. The first reference implementations available will include a digital instrument cluster as well as a multi-node infotainment system.

The software vendor claims that most automotive OEMs are among his customers, including Audi, BMW, Daimler, Fiat, Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen.

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