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QNX launches development kit for in-vehicle multimedia systems

QNX Software Systems has unveiled the QNX MOST Technology Development Kit (TDK) for development of high-performance in-vehicle multimedia applications for the Media Oriented Systems Transport (MOST) bus. The kit features QNX Neutrino real-time operating system (RTOS) support for MOST NetServices, which provides a standard interface for accessing the MOST network, and also includes source-code modules for IP networking, allowing developers to support new or custom hardware.

MOST is a fiber-optic network optimized for the automobile industry for building multimedia networking products.

The MOST NetServices Application Programming Interface (API) provides access to all data transportation mechanisms on a MOST Network, while ensuring compatibility with the MOST specification, according to the company. The QNX MOST TDK comes with Oasis NetServices functionality.

The QNX MOST TDK includes source and binaries (MOST controllers and transceiver Oasis OS8104) for supported platforms, Oasis MOST NetServices libraries (Layers I, II, and High Protocol), source code for Oasis MOST NetServices libraries, sample NetServices applications, and an interface directly to the various channels (synchronous, asynchronous, and control).

The QNX MOST Technology Development Kit is scheduled for commercial release in Q1 2005.

QNX Software Systems
Ottawa, Ontario

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