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QSTIK gains Bluetooth expertise from Tecteon


LONDON — Tecteon, which develops and markets voice enhancement software technologies and algorithms running on a range of DSP platforms, has signed its first licensing agreement with QSTIK for consumer electronic Bluetooth market.

Under the agreement, which for an initial 12-month period provides mutual exclusivity, QSTIK will take delivery of a minimum of 100,000 units, although both companies ultimately anticipate significantly higher sales volumes.

QSTIK launched its first product this month, a premium mobile Bluetooth headset, which features Tecteon’s bi-directional noise cancellation software that is specifically designed for harsh noise environments and significantly enhances audio quality.

Masoud Ahmadi, Managing Director of Tecteon, said, “This represents a great opportunity for Tecteon to enter the mass mobile market and I am delighted with the performance of our team, delivering such an integrated technology in such a short period of time.”

In order to provide the working capital required to further develop its technology, Tecteon has placed a further 23% of its shareholding in Dominion Energy, the OFEX-listed exploration and production company, at 2 pence per share raising £300,000 before expenses. This brings Tecteon’s remaining stake in Dominion Energy to 39.2%. On January 27, 2006 Tecteon placed 11.2 per cent of its shareholding in Dominion Energy at 2p per share via a private placement, raising £160,000 before expenses. This represented the initial phase of the divestment of Dominion Energy, a strategy that has already been outlined to Tecteon shareholders.

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